en CERNIC INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Established in 1986 as CERNIC COMPANY CO.,LTD, was located at 723/123 Charansanitwong road, Bangplad, Bangkok, Thailand. In 1994, we move to new location at 77/37-38 Puttamonthon sai 5rd, Rai-khing, Samphran, Nakornpathom, 73210. And changed company name to CERNIC INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD with new registered capital of 20,000,000 Baht.Then, increased registered capital to 35,000,000 Baht. We are distributor of various materials and chemical products which are used in ceramic industry and concerning business. By importing products from around the world including of USA, Japan, China, India and EU, to archived customer requirements. And we design and build electrical kiln for large scale industry until SME or in-house fabrication. Moreover, we have research and development unit for solving any customer troubles.